PNG At The Dawn of New Year 2011

Kumul Expereince will bring stories and news that happened here in the land of ‘Expect the Unexpected. Those wantoks living abroad want to know something about your island, PNG is generally fine now. The dawn of the new year awakens PNG with the eruption of Manam Island volcanoe. It is spitting out thick dark smoke when Sir Peter Bater sent a report out to the nation. If you want to read more of that log into The other parts of PNG reported to be calm and quiet. People seem to enjoy the feastive season with families and friends. Sports seem to be the order of the day. Pngboy2011, the author of this site, lives in Lae. A dieheart Simbu, claims to be Morobean as he spends more of his entire life in the what now is known as ‘pothole city, dusty city, criminal city, and so forth. New year did not change the hearts and minds of the people. There was a reported tribal fight in the city at 4 mile between the Gorokas and Hagens. These are people from the highlands, bringing their traditional war fare style and ethnic survival skills with them to the city. They turn the once a garden city into a betel nut stained city, tribal fighting city etc. When will we grow up and be known as civilized people is yet to be seen.

Do not think we do it at the grassroots, the pollies do so well up there in their heavens in Port Moresby city. The politics in PNG is so bad that the people are reduced to nothing, but some destiute beggers on the streets of their own land. The prime minister’s province is riddled with cholera, killing more people  while he enjoys fishing in the serenity of wewak sea.

Just wait to hear what will happen in the next few days as the looming Governor General election is drawing nigh and may be the  long awaited ‘ vote of no confidence’ on the Prime Minister.

See this blog as a personal dairy.

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