If you are far away from home…

We know there is such a thing called homesick. Even lapun ol iken kisim. I am here in North Adelaide, Wellington Square thinking of my foursome beautiful children, Jojo, Matilda, Johns, and Wakai and my lovely daughter inlaw, Georgina and my cute grandson Jonathan Kua III, this song from hausboy kept me at bay. Please listen to it. It will soothe your nerves as it did to me.

Jonathan A.Kua
PhD Student
Charles Sturt University- Sydney NSW Australia
Also Studying Hebrew Language at Australian Lutheran College
North Adelaide, SA

This is my real favourite.

Well, I am Simbu man, home is sweat home. Nothng is like home, even the bright lights of Adelaide or Sydney does not make me sway my allegiance to Simbu, the Best. I had to copy this from Makannem’s website, another Simbu in Rome. Probably a Catholic Priest. His expression of our land, our makan is better than I think I would like to describe.
Every night, I would watch this to see how beautiful the so called the rugged mountain of Simbu is, a precious gift from God, the creator. Where else can you find one like this? None, Everywhere is different and unique in themselves. Simbu is unique in its own right.
S imbu
I s
M ountainous
B ut
Here is clip from Makannem. Enjoy it.

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