Cholera Hits Many Parts of PNG

Cholera was never heard of in Papua New Guinea till 2009. It first cited in a remote part of Morobe Province and spread out to many parts of PNG. Morobe and the Highlands Provinces reacted well to the outbreak of the sickness and contained it. However, cholera spreads to other parts of PNG and kills more than the lives it cliamed in Morobe. In the Western Province where they boast of having the giant gold and copper mine, the OK Tedi mine, wrost hit. As of yesterday, the death toll as reported by a radio network stands at 300. In the East Sepik where the Prime Minister comes from, more than 10 deaths are reported. Today’s, PNG National news paper reported 1 death in the capital city of PNG.
When will the authorities work hard to contain it? When will people see the much publishized economic boom take real effect in the lives of the ordinary people? It is laughable to many citizens when they do not see or feel or benefit from the so called economic growth, a lip service made by the politicans with their cohorts, the beaurocrats.

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