Kumul Expereince is a dairy of PNGBOY2011. Pngboy2011 publishes anything worthy of promoting Papua New Guinea that may also include his own stories as well as that of his beloved PNG. Papua New Guinea is a beautiful country, paradise untouched haven situated North of Australia. It has some of the best and prestine natural resources and primitive cultures available in the world. It has well over 800 different languages and each language group represents its own unique culture and that alone makes Papua New Guinea (PNG) a very unique country. This site promotes this uniqueness to the world.
Kumul is the ‘pidgin’ world for the Bird of Paradise unique to the country. Kumul as it is unique and only native to PNG, this site endeavours to promote what is unique to the country.


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  1. Many countries in the world do not know where PNG is and wordpress.com presents this opportunity for this site to show to the world the beuatiful Papua New Guinea.
    Please visit this site and expereince the kumul right here in kumulexperience.wordpress.com. Please ol wantoks are invited to contribute to the site or comment of the articles post in expereince expereince. Thank you.

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